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“Painting with my great uncle’s paints, on his paper, with my uncle’s brushes. Two generations of uncle. That’s pretty cool! This one was done a while ago. If you count July 15 as a while ago… Man, how time flies!”


Memories From Camp

Down The Falls

A walk in July

“They aren’t exact recreations of the places I visited on the hikes and canoe trips at camp as a kid, but then again, they never are. I’m pretty sure there’s a famous quote by Van Gogh or someone like that that better explains it but I forgot their name.”

Up and Runnin’

“Great news! I’ve finally opened up my store tjstoll.tictail.com, yay! It has taken so much time and patience and it’s going to take a lot more time and patience but I feel like it’s worth it!

I painted the above picture on my tablet using some drawing software and it seems to be getting good press so far. I thought I might share it here for all my fellow WordPress-ians to see. I’ve got some more nice work coming your way so stay tuned!”

Back, with News

Colourful day

“I can’t believe the turn around I’ve made in these past few days! During the school year, and up until recently,  I felt a little discouraged from making art. I felt as though school and work had stripped me of my creativity. But now, suddenly, I have this major burst of artistic energy and I can’t seem to slow it down! It’s great to be back in the scene again!

I painted the photo you see here on my tablet with some seven dollar software. I usually prefer not to use digital canvasses but I  couldn’t seem to get the nice vivid colours to work on paper. They turned out looking washed out and tired. But nevertheless, here is the digital rendition of the landscape I saw in my mind!

Anyway. For any of my long-time-followers – do I have any left? – or those who scroll endlessly through this blog, you know about my failed attempts to create a store to sell my prints… Well, that fire hasn’t died in me, oh no! I am currently working on setting up an online store from which I can sell my prints! I call it… J I M U U I… as you can see in the bottom right corner of the digital painting. I was thinking maybe I should change the name to my name though, but I didn’t think my name had any ‘pizzazz’, y’know… That can always be done later of course! For now I thought I might just get the word out. I hope to have it all set up by mid August so look out for the open date!”


I feel like painting again

First of 2016

“I went to England last Sunday. My uncle gave me his old watercolours and brushes and a pad of watercolour paper. He even gave me his old camera tripod. I haven’t seriously painted in a long while, nor have I photographed any work I’ve done. Life y’know. But here is my first painting of the summer. I kind of love it.”

Rain, rain, go away..


An Evening in the Sun

“It rained all day long yesterday. And then it cleared up and we were treated to a brief moment of sunshine. And then today it looks like it’s going to rain all day long again. And maybe it’ll clear up and we’ll be treated to a brief moment of sunshine. And then tomorrow…”

UPDATE: “I was sort of right about today. Got my sunshine early :)”

Painting Over My Calc

Black Pond

“I haven’t painted in a while. I should be doing calculus now but that’s not where my heart is. I had a few half painted canvasses laying around and some kinda-fresh paint taking refuge in the closet. So I decided to take down some paint, gesso up an 11×14, turn on some tunes, and tune out while I painted. And this is what came out. I think it looks really good considered how it first looked!

At first, I painted the sky as a nice clean blue, but I didn’t like how it looked. So I tried to fix it and one thing lead to another and I was left with this swirling concoction of blues and reds and whites and yellows and blacks! I think I was taking some inspiration from some Group of Seven paintings as well as the religious European paintings that are at the AGO. I went there just before Christmas with a friend and I already want to go back!

Anyway, this painting is still not done yet. I was thinking of adding a tree and some extra detail, but maybe later. After calculus… maybe.