What A Nice Spring Day This Would’ve Been

Editted with Pixlr
Editted with Pixlr

Date: February 1 2016, 4pm

Location: T.O

Weather: Slight wind, mostly sunny, 5 feels like 1

State of Mind: Can’t complain!

“Yes, this would’ve been a nice spring day… The only thing missing is the right season! Haha!”


Most Beautiful Rainbow

Just big enough to not fit in the field of view.
Just big enough to not fit in the field of view.

“I saw the most beautiful rainbow this afternoon. The wispy rain cloud rolled in and when it was done sprinkling the Earth it left a rainbow in its wake. One that was so perfect it stretched the sky in an ark whose red bands were as bright as its violet bands. Naturally, I had just figured out how to take pictures of the sky at higher angles after the rainbow had faded mostly. So I only got bits and pieces of this beautiful phenomenon. Nonetheless, these photos are still beautiful! And besides, it’ll rain again. But next time I’ll be ready!”

DSCF1001 (2)



Higher anlge photo. Imagine how beautiful that rainbow would've looked!
Higher anlge photo. Imagine how beautiful that rainbow would’ve looked!

An Evening in The Sky

“This is not what the sky looks like today. In fact, the sky today is cloudy and grey where I am. So here is a peak at an evening sunset taken just only some while ago. I look at the beautiful pinks and blues and wonder at which majestically hands are capable of weaving such a garment for my evening eyes!”

Such a pretty evening

“Well you see, such a colour formation happens when the water molecules in the clouds… [rants forever about science]”

Angels Painting

“The sky was weird that day. It had just finished raining and the clouds turned a beautiful rosy pink. It almost looks like an angel was painting on the vast canvas that is our sky!”



Spring(!) Blizzard

“I can’t believe it’s spring already! This means all the trees will grow their beautiful green leaves and the flowers will bloom again and it’ll be warm!”

spring blizzard

“Oh, it’s just a typical spring blizzard, that’s all!