Free Will Shadow

“May I ask how it’s possible to fail at shadows? I mean… I was following all of the guideline – literally! Or maybe it’s not a fail and is just an illusion of some sort… I don’t know. Let’s just say the shadow figured it has free will!”


City Streets

“Thank you man from Queen Street. You have inspired me. This picture is actually a representation of a best friend I lost to a goat. It’s a long and not so tragic story.”

Paddle Design

“At camp they gave me this canoe paddle. I could do anything I wanted with it. So I carved it down to a really nice shape and now I need a design for it. Some of these started out as serious designs but then I got silly. It was fun!”

La Foret

“In art class in grade ten we were playing with watercolours. I’m not very fond of the quality of the paints at school but you gotta make do with what you are given, right?”

The Walking Dead

“Have you ever read The Walking Dead? It is amazing! I love the style of drawing. You should watch it some time. I drew up Rick from one of the earlier volumes. It looks nice.”

“Oh yeah, and his horse… This must be volume one then.”