Kiwi and Pear


“I can’t tell you how much I enjoy painting pears. And for the first time ever, I have painted a kiwi which also turned out to be a fun exercise! Once I’ve decided on whether I want to put the black outlines that I usually do I’ll put it up on”


A Good Kind of Miserable

DSCF9147 (2)

“Poor, tired, confused, sweaty for some reason, socially deprived… the list goes on and on. But not in vain! Some day, when these states have all passed and gone away, I’ll have it all! Good friends, happy family, good food, fine wine, a house to call my own… the list goes on and on…”


Computers and Pictures

“I drew this to express my appreciation of computer programming. The only bad part about it is that I drew this in my actual computer programming lecture! So, instead of actually listening and gaining some insight I was doodling this up… At least it was related to the topic!”