Just Practicing

IMG_20160824_0001_edit signed

“Just practicing some colour and line styles. Not sure how well it’s going. I also need to work on perspective. I think it’s a good start though.”


October Wind

IMG_20160808_193548 edit 2

“I decided to put this one up for sale in my online store. I painted this with the idea that autumn is just right around the corner and I just can’t for it to begin! I’ve had my share of warm weather and sunshine but now I’m ready for and welcoming sweater-weather! Or you can read the other story behind this painting that I gave on Instagram if you’re looking for a more… adventurous scenario.”

Powered by Uncles

“Painting with my great uncle’s paints, on his paper, with my uncle’s brushes. Two generations of uncle. That’s pretty cool! This one was done a while ago. If you count July 15 as a while ago… Man, how time flies!”

Memories From Camp

Down The Falls

A walk in July

“They aren’t exact recreations of the places I visited on the hikes and canoe trips at camp as a kid, but then again, they never are. I’m pretty sure there’s a famous quote by Van Gogh or someone like that that better explains it but I forgot their name.”