Painting Over My Calc

Black Pond

“I haven’t painted in a while. I should be doing calculus now but that’s not where my heart is. I had a few half painted canvasses laying around and some kinda-fresh paint taking refuge in the closet. So I decided to take down some paint, gesso up an 11×14, turn on some tunes, and tune out while I painted. And this is what came out. I think it looks really good considered how it first looked!

At first, I painted the sky as a nice clean blue, but I didn’t like how it looked. So I tried to fix it and one thing lead to another and I was left with this swirling concoction of blues and reds and whites and yellows and blacks! I think I was taking some inspiration from some Group of Seven paintings as well as the religious European paintings that are at the AGO. I went there just before Christmas with a friend and I already want to go back!

Anyway, this painting is still not done yet. I was thinking of adding a tree and some extra detail, but maybe later. After calculus… maybe.


Phone Camera Strikes Again!

Phone Flower

“It was cherry blossom season in High Park during the summer. There were a lot of people there taking photos of the trees, it was madness! I felt kind of bad because people were snapping off branches and posing with them… I’m just happy that I got this photo though! I’m impressed with quality of this camera and in-phone editing software once again.”