Ville de Montéal

Pan of MTL

“This past summer, me and a friend went to Montréal. We hiked all the way to the top of the mountain and took some really gorgeous pictures of the city. Ha, I say ‘hiked’ as if it were some treacherous climb. It really wasn’t. We took the short-cut route and just climbed up through the trees which reduced our travel time drastically. I think I would’ve liked to have gone up the road instead now that I think about it. It was a nice day out.”


A Simpler Time

Under A vault of stars

“When I was at camp just five years ago, we all wanted to sleep in canoes on the lake as an end of session kind of thing. We didn’t get to do it because of the fear of drowning – totally understandable but it still would’ve been cool to do! Instead, we exchanged gifts and read letters that we wrote to each other on the canoe docks at night, all the while a meteor-shower was raining overhead across the starry sky. I’m probably making it sound more magical than it actually was, but what’s more magical than friendship at such an age and time! And what a simple time it was, indeed.”

Winter Is Coming… I Think?


“It’s still autumn right? Even though it’s December it still feels extremely warm in Toronto. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it isn’t spring and that it’ll actually be winter in a couple of weeks! I think even the birds are confused because they’re still chirping in the trees and the geese haven’t left yet! I mean, only just two years ago the winter was so harsh that, when I came home from visiting family in England, the floor and all the furniture were practically frozen! Anyway, maybe this is the calm before the storm… Maybe our winter will be as bad as it’s made out to be in ‘Game of Thrones’. Let’s all hope not!”