A Bit of Extra

“Had to make the most of my left over watercolours somehow!”


“The spell-checker is telling me that I spelt ‘colour’ wrong… And now it’s saying I spelt ‘spelt’ wrong! I shall not denounce my Canadian spelling!”


I even over-thought this title….

“I find that when I begin a planned painting or artwork of some kind I get all organized and psyched up and then… nothing… Everything sits before me in a neat collection of paints and brushes and paper all waiting to be used but nothing comes out! By this point I am sitting there with a brush in my hand staring at a blank surface wondering where do I begin. It’s not like I have nothing planned, rather, it’s the fact that I do have something in mind but it has been churning there for too long. Ah, so I have self-diagnosed what ails me:


A nice organized start
A nice organized start.

I’ve been a long time sufferer of over-thought. It has lead me to failed test, awkward interactions, and incomplete projects. I must find a way to overcome this illness if I am to ever succeed in anything because I do find that when I start a project with no fore-thought it usually comes out really good! Like Bits of Paper, for example. I must find my way to:


The result of a nice organized start.
The result of a nice organized start.

Bits of Paper

“Literally was just cutting up some pieces of black construction paper and was like, hmm, let’s draw something. Then I ended up with this! But then I slightly ruined it with this glossy acrylic coating so now I’m only slightly sad which is slightly okay because I’m mostly happy with it but it’s slightly bad because I’m slightly sad but…”

– end rant.


A Thought About Erasers

“There we no erasers harmed during the creation of this work. But a 3B pencil did get its workout for the the day!”


“Should erasers exist in artwork? Some people would say

‘Why, yes, of course! What if you make a silly mistake and it ruins your work!? Punish thee mistake by blotting out its existence with a sort of refined rubber! Then, punish thine own self with a yard-stick!’

while some others would say

‘H, E to the double hockey-sticks no! Every “mistake” is the true intention of your unsteady hand and should thus be included in the work. Maybe this’ll be a lesson for you not to mess-up!’

and they’ll say it in that exact way too, you know! My answer to this is yes and no. It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Does the actual creation of art come from the hands or the mind, and depending on the answer to that question, was there any mistake in the first-place!?

I never thought I’d be thinking this hard about erasers…”

A Watery Landscape

“This time I used the watercolours in a different way. Instead of mixing the pigments with water I just used them straight from the tube! I really like the effect. The colour seems more solid and the texture of the paint does not allow me to go overboard with the brushstrokes. But yes, I am very happy with it!”