Colouring in Conte



“I’ve also been experimenting with conte colours as well. I picked up some at Curry’s along with some charcoal. So far it’s a lot of fun! Although, I find that the conte stick break very easily. I guess it doesn’t help that I stepped on them either…”
IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0133


Charcoal Studies

“The great thing about art is that you can just freely explore any medium you want – or that you can afford… It’s like a having a citizenship for a gorgeous country! So you know what? I think, for the time being, I’m gonna visit the land of charcoal for a little while. It’s always fun to explore new places!”



A Long Ago Summer

“Oh yes those long ago summer days spent running around the city causing trouble and being a teenager. Those were fun days. So why I decided to draw this random location that really has no place being in my fond memories I do not know why… At least I had fun drawing and painting it!”


“Actually this was this past summer… But with this weather that feels like forever ago!”

These Hills

“So I had this idea to paint these two majestic looking hills and I drew my idea on paper. Then when I actually painted it this is how it turned out. My mom says it looks like butts… I say it looks majestic butts! Actually no I am only kidding! I say it’s almost what I intended. Not the butts! But whatever I drew.”



Little Ivy

“It’s an ivy plant. I thought I might paint it because it looks so dramatic in its little glass planter. Also I think it will die soon. So maybe it’ll become the newest member of the dead plant club that I’ve got going on!”



“I don’t intentionally try to kill my plants. I love them! Sometimes they just die y’know…”