“I did this for a visual essay for English and it’s supposed to signify that we are all human underneath. I think it looks nice minus the shading… Yeah, I don’t like the shading.”

Progressively Better

“I swear, whenever it rains it seems that the rainbows in this town get brighter and vivid each time! I wonder if the next time it rains there will be just a big solid arch in the sky that contains all the colours of the rainbow. Now wouldn’t that be a show!”

Fresh Air

“Oh! When the air is fresh and sweet outside the surroundings seem to be all alive with colour and energy! Have I mentioned how much I love fall?”

Oh Wow!

“A strange and heavenly sky hung above the city a few days ago. It truly was and ‘Oh Wow!’ moment. I was so hunkered down with homework that I didn’t even notice this beautiful scene that was happening until my mom told me to look! Good on her!

Brilliant October!

“Have I already mentioned that it’s October yet? I love October! It’s my favourite month! It’s the month when the seasons change and leaves go from their sweet green to their brilliant reds and yellows and browns and the sky is fresh full of expression… I just love it!”

“Now, I’m debating on whether to send this away to England so relatives to have it or to sell it. If you want it you can buy it, though!”