Something Here and Something There

“I started off with something in mind, then I did something here and something there, and I ended up with this painting.”

“I just like how the water turned out. It looks cold.”


Blue Stage

“I have finally finished a work that I am satisfied with! I’ve come a long way in painting trees over my years. They started out as black blobs and now they actually have leaves. Well.. Things that look like leaves of course. I seem to have fallen into this deep blue water trend though. It’s like when Picasso – was it Picasso? – when he went through his blue stage. Except now it is me who goes through this wonderful blue stage!”

“Oh glare! Why do you punish me?”


“I painted this while at camp. It was my day off and no one was home so I busted out my handy-dandy art kit and and started blasting away with some paints. My little art session didn’t last too long as you can see… Something else interested me and the procrastination got the best of me. I have to stop with that. It gets in the way sometimes.”

Windy and Watery: A Nice Combination

“Lately ¬†the weather has been cold and windy and rainy. There was one day that I spent in soaking wet clothes because the rain was falling so hard and the wind roaring so¬†fiercely. I can’t stand having wet socks – let alone wet clothes all together! All this fall weather and schoolwork and friends really take a toll on you. Luckily to relieve the stress I have some blank wood panels that need a good paint job!”

“This is how I see the current weather conditions.”

Very Nice, But…

“I like this painting that I did. I think it looks very nice the trees and the snow and the water, but, there is something that is missing. I don’t see umph – is that a word? – in this scenery. I’ll just have to figure it out once I get more white acrylic paint then.”

Same Sky

“I hope that it’s not just here that the sky looks gorgeous after it rains. Sometimes I wish for rain just to see the sky turn different shades of this and that… I mean, it’s all the same sky right? Shouldn’t we all get the same view?”

“Sorry. I had trouble with the pan feature on my camera. The land isn’t that wavy, really.”

Up Close

“That’s a pretty cool looking close up there. I guess that’s what art look like when you really get down to what’s there! It’s beautiful!”