Beautiful Night

“Just another beautiful night.”


Brutish: The Fear

“I really like sculpting. But I’m lazy and I don’t like cleanup. Why is it so socially unacceptable to walk around with clay-y hands? I named this little monster Brutish: The Fear. There’s a whole comic I wrote about the history of his name. Where did it go…?”


“I’m trying something new, sir, yes I am. I’m trying to illustrate the face in a way the shows the direction of pattern in the skin. In order to distinguish which parts areĀ elevatedĀ and stuff I just drew lines in different directions. I like the way it looks!”

Skittle Streaks

“The sky was beautiful that night! It honestly looked like streaks of melted skittles, something that you’d only see in sappy movies with happy endings. I guess it kind of was a happy ending considered the storm that tore through moments earlier.”

A Woman Stretching

“I find drawing the male body much harder than drawing the female body. There are too many muscles and stuff in the male body that if not drawn correctly can look very… odd.”

Earth Mix

“It looks like a freeze frame of some type of thick liquid that was at it’s beginning of being swirled with a gigantic Earth Spoon… Does that make sense? It does in my head at least.”

I Am Getting Better

“I like to draw in fine marker. It’s not the best for the mistakes but it adds character I guess. I say I’m getting better at figure drawings though.”