Above Ground

“I don’t think I’ll ever live in a house. Well… Unless this house was several feet off the ground.”


Piano Keys

“Let’s try a new style. It’s time to get creative!… Or fun, I don’t know.”


“You know how some people say: ‘There is no try. There is only do’?…. Well… We need to make an acceptation here.”


“This day was like a serious, long needed, way over due, welcomed breath of sweet, fresh air! Imagine opening your arms and taking the deepest of breaths and tasting the sweet wind that passes through your nostrils. That’s what this is like.”

Canvas Type

“You know, dollar store canvasses are not that bad. Sure the first time I used them it was a total waste of paint because I wasn’t used to the rough surface but all was well after the second try. Even though I like these dollar store canvasses I would still go for a Curry’s one any day!”

“Oh yeah, this is just a nice painting to show how much I love my room.”

Free Will Shadow

“May I ask how it’s possible to fail at shadows? I mean… I was following all of the guideline – literally! Or maybe it’s not a fail and is just an illusion of some sort… I don’t know. Let’s just say the shadow figured it has free will!”

City Streets

“Thank you man from Queen Street. You have inspired me. This picture is actually a representation of a best friend I lost to a goat. It’s a long and not so tragic story.”