The Showdown

“This was originally named The Showdown. It was never written down, just remembered. Now that I look at this I feel I should get back to illustrating and colouring with watercolour again. Those days were fun!”


Tops My Heart

“For a city sky, I think Montreal’s sky tops my heart out of them all. Although, I have not seen all the city skies… I shall some day!”

Close Your eyes

“I was listening to James Blackshaw’s Sunshrine¬†and when I got lost in it I closed me eyes. Behind my lids I saw this. I felt like I needed to paint it and I did and I really wish I were in that river with a canoe with that song whistling through the trees. I wish I could know what other people see when they here a song they love and they close their eyes. Is it as magical?”

So Tired…

“Oh man. So I was in Montreal for a few days last week and it was the most tiresome adventure ever. We took the wrong route on the highway, the hotel wouldn’t give us a room, we almost killed a biker, there was no where to park, we did a lot of walking, and we payed an arm and a leg for a crepe. But in all this negative stuff – wait walking is fun… – we had some of thee greatest shawarmas known to man! Should have drawn that too!”

“Mind the veiw.”


“I haven’t done a sketch in a while. So one day I sat down with my sketch book and I opened up my massive book on human anatomy and drew this lady. She has no face because I rarely put a face to a body; she has no feet or hands because…. well, I’m no good at drawing that kind of stuff. I shall practice and in time it will come to me. But for now… This!”

Wispy Clouds

“The sky was very nice that day. It gave everything a nice pink highlight and it’s almost as if it were a calming blanket settled over the city. Everything was perfect!”