Cookie Monster

“I did this on paint. I have a tissue box with all the Sesame Street characters on it that my mother refuses to open so I just decided to paint it.”


Colour Division

“I don’t know what happened here. I think I had a stroke of imagination. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could divi-up all the colours that we see into little sections like this. That would be so awesome and weird at the same time.”

Canoeing Dock

“This is just a representation of the canoeing dock at camp. There were some good memories at that dock. Sure wish I could do it all again.”

Side-view Abs

“I drew up a nice set of side-view abs. This book on human¬†anatomy¬†my mother gave me for Christmas is really useful! Hmmm. There’s a random shelf of ab there… Never mind that.”


“I like the way octopusses (?)… octopie (?)… octopoo (?)… look. They are such dramatic creatures! I think the most challenging part about drawing a critter with more than one limb is making sure you have the correct amount. Don’t want to draw a Neuftapus now do we?”

Marker Work

“I really like my Staedler markers. Well, I actually used a Sakura Brush marker to make the hair and fill in the shirt. But yeah the markers worked really well.”

Riding Through

“I rode my bike across this bridge the other day. It was so weird painting this and then actually riding it. I actually felt like I was in the painting!”