Waves Of Yonder

“Oh gosh yes I remember creating this! This was an art project from my grade 11 art class. I actually remember staying my whole lunch just to finish it… and when I did the teacher was ragging on me about how I’d have to change it here, and maybe add something there, maybe take something away from that… it was brutal.

I felt like reminding him, and the head of the art department who was also judging my work, that I wasn’t Van Gogh or some other master painter. But then I also kind of realized that, hey, these people are trying to bring me to the edge of my abilities but their efforts, which I am greatful for, were futile. I was, and am, a lazy teenager.

All in all I think the painting looks really nice. I like how the waves are distinctly outlined by the thickness of the acrylic paint. I also like the presence of depth created by the darkening of the water in the background and the dramatic effect of the tree. See what a little bit of time and forced effort can do for you?”


3 thoughts on “Waves Of Yonder

  1. I like this painting very much. You were right to leave it as it is. I think there is sincerity in it and a real inner atmosphere. Good for you.

      1. Even if that someone else is a teacher. Good for you. Keep going and I’ll keep up with your posts. Much regard.

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