“Just another one of my speed-art creations.”

‘Twas a Good Day, ’twas

“I doodle a lot. I especially like to doodle a little character who is a depiction of me. I think I did this at an art show or gallery or something that was going on down at Nathan Philip’s Square in Toronto. Yeah, ’twas a good day, ’twas.”


“This piece is actually one of my favourite of all time. I don’t know what it is about it. I think it really reminds me of how much I like the outdoors and how much the world means to me. Now, I’m not going to get all spiritual and stuff but really. Haven’t you ever just looked up at the sky and wondered? Just  wondered?

It actually kind of looks familiar. I did travel a lot as a child. So maybe it was a road that I traveled on before. Maybe.”

Glosstasticly Genuine

“This was my first time buying a canvass that was bigger than any other that I bought before… It’s an 8×10… Well, everybody has to start somewhere! Anyway I remember being so excited to just get started and at that moment I felt like a real genuine artist. I had paint stains on the carpet and everything and paint brushes scattered about… It was one of my finer memories.

What I like about it is… really I like the green tones in it. I like the sky the most, really. I recently sprayed it with some low-odor clear gloss on it and now its super shiny. I can hardly see it at some angles. I have to say that I liked it when it had that matte look.”

Dead Plantae

“I think I would be a terrible mom. No, really! Every time I get a nice new plant growing it always seems to die a few months after it sprouts. Ohk, I am a busy woman but really plants, do you need that much loving? I thought if you gave it sunlight and water and stuff it would be fine but I guess not.

I guess this watercolour painting on a 5×7 watercolour card was a reflection on the death of my plants. I sat there and painted one of the lemon plants that had recently passed away and just thought of how wonderful it looked! Yeah, kind of morbid that I thought my dead lemon plant looked beautiful in death but it is what it is. Dead plants are just as beautiful as lively plants.”

Skeleton Hand

“This actually looks almost exactly like the picture I was copying it from. It was another successful work!

I really like how the shading creates depth in the bone and stuff. It’s really nice.”


“Like with most of my work this wasn’t planned and carefully thought out. I usually work with whatever instantly comes to mind. It was a rainy night – well at least I think it was – and instead of doing my homework I decided to draw Adele. Then I emailed the photo to my brother – who is kind of an artist himself he is – and he said it looked amazing… HE SAID IT LOOKED AMAZING… and you know, it’s not easy to get a compliment out of him. So I felt pretty great about that.

This took me about an hour to complete. Did it all with a 2b pencil in a Hilroy sketchbook that my friend randomly dumped off on me. She said something about her not being able to draw and who better to give it to than me. Anyway, I am really proud of this. Despite what my art friend had to say about her mouth not being right. I don’t see anything wrong with it.. do you?”



“Every time I go walking down the street I notice peoples faces. I know this may not seem like a big deal but it is. I’ve always wondered how other people can call other people ugly. I mean, it just baffles me because people, anybody and anyone are just beautiful. Oh gosh now I sound like some hormonal teenager! But no, really, I mean it. People generally have genuinely wonderful faces. If you look at someone’s face you’ll notice all the angles and ridges and crevasses, and flat plains of skin-covered bone all on that small fraction of their body.

“People are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

“And you know what, I really do enjoy drawing and painting people’s faces. Sometimes I’m no good at it but that’s ohk. I try. And I can get better.”