A Better Picture

The Living Things

“Remember that post from a while ago called I feel like painting again? Well I got it all scanned in a while ago and thought I might share it with you now! This is my most prized work so far. I sent it in to Ikea to include in their ready to hang home decor section. They never replied back to me… Nevertheless I do have it for sale in my own online art shop at www.tjstoll.tictail.com! You should check it out sometime!”

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Tictail: www.tjstoll.tictail.com

Image In My Head

“There are so many images that fly through my head when I’m not painting. They’re all beautiful and contain many wonderful colours. But then, when I get down to actually painting, they all seem to vanish. I couldn’t quite picture what I wanted to pait here. But this is how it came out anyway. I think my pastel practice is progressing along nicely!”

Just Practicing

IMG_20160824_0001_edit signed

“Just practicing some colour and line styles. Not sure how well it’s going. I also need to work on perspective. I think it’s a good start though.”

October Wind

IMG_20160808_193548 edit 2

“I decided to put this one up for sale in my online store. I painted this with the idea that autumn is just right around the corner and I just can’t for it to begin! I’ve had my share of warm weather and sunshine but now I’m ready for and welcoming sweater-weather! Or you can read the other story behind this painting that I gave on Instagram if you’re looking for a more… adventurous scenario.”